1. Get Away from the Hustle and Bustle

Bali is so incredibly beautiful, calming, and spiritual. For this reason, people flock to vacation here! Although great for the local economy, it can be a bit unpleasant if you are trying to experience the real Bali. I’ve stayed on monkey forest road (a very busy area, swarming with tourists) and still had a wonderful time. Our hotel felt like a calming retreat, a bit set back from the main street. It had two beautiful pools, amazing and friendly staff, and was a very short walk to plenty of restaurants and activities. Check it out here: Champlung Sari Hotel

Although we adored this stay and would certainly return, I must say it is a very different experience staying somewhere like here: Hadi Padi Cottages

Being near rice patties like this one will certainly make for a more secluded and quiet experience. Recommend if you’re looking to get away to tune in and relax. Plus, the pool has an awesome view!

2. Book a Day Tour with a Local Guide.

This is one of the best ways to see Bali. Get a tour from a local. Not just any local, but my welcoming friend Gede. (he can be reached at [email protected]) If you just send him an email inquiring about a day tour, he will respond promptly. Keep in mind there are TONS of options for getting a day tour from a local. However, Gede comes highly recommended. He was so welcoming, and upon meeting, I felt as if we were already friends! He emits such a genuine, calming energy and is packed with Balinese wisdom and philosophy. He took us all over Bali in a day. We excitedly started out by going to visit a famous traditional Balinese Healer, Tdjorke Gde Rai. That experience alone is worth traveling to Ubud for! More on that here. Afterwards we went for a spiritual cleansing at Tirta Empul, holy water temple. (see #7).

Its helpful to have a local guide for a day who knows the best ways to get from one destination to the next. Helps you maximize on your time while in Ubud!

3. Luwak Coffee Plantation

This was amazing! We got to try 12 different local teas, a few different coffees, and for the finale- the delicacy of Luwak Coffee. Must do when in Bali.

Following the amazing coffee & tea event, we headed to the waterfalls. Ahh. What a day. Highly recommend spending a tour day with Gede, he is very flexible and will tell you allll about whatever you want to see in Bali, then, take you there!

3. Visit the Sacred Monkey Forest

Yes, they bite. If you provoke them! However, if you peacefully walk through, in observer mode, and don’t have food in your hands or visible in your bag, they will leave you alone! It’s a really cool experience, you get to walk through the jungle and see wonderful views of greenery, nature, and water. It’s simply beautiful!

4. Go to a Yoga Class!

Yoga Barn comes highly recommended. The energy in Bali is definitely something you’re gonna want to plug into.

5. Enjoy all the fresh tropical fruit!

Thats a turmeric orange lemon juice, not a heineken, mistakenly. Smoothies! Yummy and refreshing, not to mention nutritious, on a hot, humid day!

6. Walk The Campuhan Ridge
Known as the most beautiful walk in Ubud and one of the only places to escape from traffic. There are a few hills, but it’s an easy walk with lovely views of rice fields and down into a valley. There’s not much shade, so it’s best early morning or towards sunset.

7. Visit the Temples- Tirta Empul, specifically!

The locals come here to bathe and spiritually cleanse in the holy water. It is remarkably beautiful and you shouldn’t leave Bali without witnessing or experiencing it. More on that experience here.

8. Check out the Rice Terraces!

They’re a beautiful part of the balinese landscape.


Have you been to Bali? Share some of your favorites below! If not, let me know what you think of it based off this post 🙂


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