Although I’ve yet to write about my experiences in Italy, I do have to mention that it is quite possibly my favorite place I’ve traveled to thus far. I don’t know if it’s because I have familial roots there, or because its just a stunning place that’s so easy to fall in love with in general, but either way, it is phenomenal.

The people, the sights, the streets, the buildings, wine & food- all sure to leave you breathless at first take. I plan to do a post for each city I’ve visited in Italy, but for now, my thoughts on Florence.



The first time I arrived in Florence- I had never been out of the U.S. before. My best friend and I got off the plane and gathered our ridiculous amount of luggage (first lesson learned: PACK LIGHT)….. 🙂 outside of the airport, we hailed a cab, and shuffled through our papers to give the driver the address to the hotel we were staying at.

Hotel Athenaeum-

Although not necessarily a place to stay on a budget, it is moderately priced for the quality of the stay.

We thoroughly enjoyed our stay here. It was a wonderful place to enter after a long flight and a first arrival into a foreign country. The staff here made us feel at home, and the property had a very peaceful, european, fresh kind of vibe. Highly recommend if you can swing around $125-$130 per night, depending on what time of year you go. It’s walking distance to nearly everything you’d want to see in Florence.

Now if you’re looking for more of an apartment/airbnb type of feel- I recommend “27 Aprile” which can be found here:;label=gen173nr-1DCAEoggJCAlhYSDNiBW5vcmVmcgV1c19jYYgBAZgBMbgBB8gBDNgBA-gBAfgBApICAXmoAgM;sid=dbfdbfbab0962d3fdd515874085cf093 

27 Aprile was about $60 per night, but had enough room for 6 people, so depending on how many people you’re traveling with, you could end up spending $10-$15 per night if you’re splitting the cost. Its a huge flat in a great location. Walking distance from the train station and pretty much everything you want to see in Florence! (Top ten things to do in Florence post coming soon)

For now I’ll go over one of Italy’s beautiful highlights: FOOD. The best way to find good food in Italy is to wander, let yourself be led to places that are calling you, you’ll be sure to find something great. Venture down random streets, away from the crowds, and you’re sure to find some made-from-scratch gold. Below I’ve listed some of the best places I wandered upon and greatly enjoyed in Florence.


Da Pinocchio! Located in Florence’s famous Piazza Del Mercato Centrale you’ll find this gem of a place. The outdoor patio is fantastic, it’s so relaxing to eat here at dark, allowing your entree to be illuminated by string lights that surround the outdoor seating. Be sure to try, of course, the Florentine steak [[when in florence :)!]]Don’t forget the fresh squeezed lemon- seriously, takes it to a whole new level. Amazing!!

Vivoli…you have to try it at least once! Famous gelato spot & deservingly well-known…their sweet cream gelato is to die for. It’s not the cheapest spot in Italy’s gelato capital, but it is certainly one of the best.

Il Vinaino- with average meal prices here only about 10 euro, this is a great place to start if you’re just arriving from the train station, or looking for some good food & wine that’s easy on the wallet!

There’s so many more…ill have to come back and add later, or make a separate post just on food! 😉


Thanks for reading & happy travels!

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