Planning a Euro-trip can be fun and suspense building. One of my favorite parts of travel is planning, researching and getting the most out of my time. This list can be your quick-look guide for some essential items that will help your trip feel seamless. For starters, my favorite backpack/luggage to use is this  Osprey 40L backpack. See below.

It’s great for travel when you’re hopping from destination to destination because it fits in any overhead bin, and you’ll *most likely* never be questioned for it or be asked to have it weighed (at least in my experience). It looks like a somewhat “normal” backpack so airports and transportation companies won’t look twice at it, which makes boarding quicker and easier!

Also love how it opens up completely- sort of like a suitcase would- so you can easily see and access all your items. Much more efficient than top loading backpacks, in my opinion.

Now, want to know what the essentials to fill the backpack with are? See below.

1. Packing Cubes

Packing cubes are no longer a secret in the travel hacking world, but if you’re not using them… you have to try. They add so much ease and organization to travel packing! They are the real holy grail of travel packing. I’ll never go on a trip without them again. Loveee em. They work great in a suitcase too! Get yours!

2. Compression Socks

Long haul flights can take a toll on your body circulation. Enter compression socks. These will help prevent any swelling and help with circulation.

3. Clothes Line

Depending on the length of your trip, you may need to wash your clothes or just socks/underwear. Having a clothes line makes it super easy to give your items a quick wash in the sink, wring them out and hang them to dry! Theres not always access to laundry mats, and dryers are not popular in Europe, like, at all… so this is a super easy way to freshen up and dry your essentials on the go! The one we have and use is featured below, its cheap and works great.

4. Sink Plug

This item goes hand in hand with the clothes line… they’re both great to have for doing a quick wash in your hotel, hostel or airbnb. These laundry soap sheets are great! Fill up the sink with your plug, throw one of the laundry soap sheets in, and give your stuff a wash. Its easy and you’ll be glad you had the convenience.

5. Sleeping Sack

This is another item I’ll never travel without again. Even if you’re staying in the nicest place in the city, you still never know how sanitary the linens are. This sleeping sack is super comfortable and easy to climb into. It adds a layer of protection when sleeping in new places (you ever come across bed bugs?? a sleeping sack won’t 100% proof you from them but it will definitely lower your chance!) Also great if you have allergies or sensitive skin. Theres a few below, one is noticeably pricier than the others but its a high quality one made from mulberry silk (heart eyes)…. The other two are way more affordable and just as well! Theres a double person fitting one for those of you traveling as a couple and want to snuggle up in the same one 🙂 if not, the third option is a great too. Trust me, you’ll want one of these!

6. Travel Pillow

If you’re still traveling with one of those u-shaped neck pillows that are only useful on the plane… meet the therm-a-rest. Not only are the u-shaped pillows inconvenient to pack or lug around (who wants their pillow dragging around on top of their luggage, touching things or people, only later to rest your pretty face upon?), they are also not compact and take up a ton of space. The therm-a-rest pillow is one of many great options for a rectangle pillow that can be easily rolled up into a small case (completely covered! Later, germs and random people touching my pillow!). I also love how it has a pillow case you can remove and wash with your sink plug, laundry sheets and clothes line …cohesive, huh 😉 #prepared

7. Silk Eye Mask

In order to avoid extra wrinkles around the eyes, this is something I tend to use at home too. Silk is the best fabric to rest your face upon according to the world of anti-aging. 🙂 Now when traveling, this comes in handy way more than you’ll expect. Great to have for long-haul flights, or maybe even in your airbnb that you didn’t realize would be super bright, earrlllly in the morning (been there). These are affordable and hold their value! Don’t forget it!

Bonus: Lavender Spray

Okay call me bougie for this one but… Its a must have and I don’t think you’ll regret bringing it. Aura Cacia is a brand I love that also makes essential oils. Their room/body sprays are beautiful and TSA friendly. This “chill pill” one is great for spraying your bed or room before sleep (you know jet lag brings the struggle!). I even spritz a little on myself before getting on long flights to help me sleep.

This one actually has more than just lavender (sweet orange, patchouli, peppermint, sweet basil and chamomile also make a debut) but it smells so relaxing and I’m a huge fan. They do have pure lavender and also a sweet orange one that I highly recommend. It’s nice to have a small bottle of non-toxic spray with you when traveling. For me, it makes a huge difference!


Happy Travels! Anything essential you’d recommend for a Euro-Trip? What do you think of these suggestions? Feel free to share in the comments! Thanks for reading!




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