1. Flight Logistics

Flying to and from Thailand will most likely be your biggest expense, that being said, do some research and comparisons.

I love to use skyscanner, momondo, and scotts cheap flights to get a good idea of what flight costs are going to look like, while keeping an eye out for good deals.

Skyscanner & Momondo are my favorite apps to use when flight searching and comparing.

Booking early (especially if you’re traveling during the months of December and January) is always a good idea, and if you’re committed to your dates and find a good deal on a flight- don’t wait!

How early is “early?”

Typically, it’s recommended to book flights 3 months in advance to catch the best deals. However, you can often find great deals further in advance, or even sorta last minute sometimes!

It all depends on if you’re a planner (like me) or tend towards spontaneity- there are benefits to both!

I personally like to plan my trips in advance, and book flights between 3-6 months out. Thats not to say I wouldn’t grab a last minute flight deal and go somewhere new if the opportunity presented itself. @scottscheapflights if you don’t keep sending me those flight deals emails under $300………temptation is real!

2. Don’t Book Excursions in Advance

This one is mainly to avoid having to pay for something you don’t feel like doing that day. While I am in favor of planning in advance- excursions in Thailand are easy to book on the fly. When we were in Chiang Mai, we were able to book our Flight of the Gibbon zip-lining excursion the day before. Elephant Sanctuary in Chiang Mai or Phuket also offers last minute booking- sweet!

Same goes for island hopping off the edge of Krabi or Phuket… no real need to plan ahead here! So if you feel like having a chill travel day or a “rest day,” when you’re on a longer trip- these things will be no problem for you!

Nice to keep in mind that you don’t have to stress about planning every single days events in advance, right?!

3. Negotiate With the Tuk-tuk Drivers

Especially if you’re in a popular backpacker or tourist area (like Khao San Road or anywhere near big attractions). If you just do a little research before leaving your hotel/airbnb/hostel, a lot of discussion boards on tripadvisor (and various other websites if you google search) will tell you how much a ride should cost from your location to the place you want to visit. If thats not a viable option, talk to the front desk at your hostel/hotel (or ask your airbnb host) and ask them what a reasonable price would be so that you are ready to negotiate with a proper number in mind. Be firm, don’t be afraid to walk away from a driver who won’t budge, or who starts off at a really high number.

4. Pack Light and Loose Clothing

Or be prepared to buy some there (my favored option ;)). The heat can get very dense here, and walking around exploring can be exhausting. Have access to clothes that are going to be loose and comfortable so that you don’t overheat! Unless you plan on hitting the islands and will be on the beach, in that case- swimsuits will do just fine!

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