Sintra is a beautiful and quaint Portugese town that was built with royalty in mind.

Its a beautiful, mystical and mountainous town that makes for the perfect day trip from Lisbon. Its not far from there which makes it a great day trip option, however, I recommend spending at least a few days here to really get a good feel for the beautiful town and see everything it has to offer. Either way, it is a place you must visit at least for one day if you’re in Portugal!

Here’s a list of 4 places you have to see on your visit to Sintra.

1. Quinta Da Regaleira

The experience of visiting Quinta Da Regaleira was probably my favorite part of visiting Sintra. Entering the grounds to this palace, you’ll instantly feel worlds away. Beautiful gardens, waters, structures, and not to mention the famous initiation wells, all will play to your minds imagination- leaving you wondering what it would be like to exist here back near the time it was built. History has written that the Gnostics (which I am fascinated by, if you don’t know- I highly suggest familiarizing yourself) gathered here for initiation ceremonies, involving tarot cards, and a symbolic spiritual rebirthing you can read more history about here.

So fascinating!

2. Castle of the Moors

Castle of the Moors is a beautiful medieval castle in Sintra, and its easy to spot once you arrive. It sits hilltop in the centre of the city and if you make your way up to visit- it boasts beautiful views of Sintra, while including a rich, far out history! And who doesn’t love exploring medieval castles?

3. Pena Palace

When you come to Sintra, you’ll notice this beautiful hill-top sitting, pastel-colored palace. Its bright colors stand out amongst the mountainous greenery, and aesthetics will be sure to pull you in. Whether you actually enter and visit the palace grounds, or just get peek of it from somewhere within its viewing range, you can’t miss this one. It’s Sintra’s signature, and looks like its from a story book… all of Sintra does really 😉 magical lil city, it is!

image from Pexels

4. Praia Da Ursa

Praia Da Ursa is a stunning, photogenic piece of coast that will leave you at ease and in awe. Near to Cabo da Roca (a popular well-known spot due to being the most western point in Europe), it’s easy to find. However, it is not necessarily easy to access. You do have to take a bit of a trek to get here, and the last stretch down is pretty steep, slippery and rocky. Recommend to keep your day pack light, and your shoes grip-equipped. 🙂

Its worth the work getting here, especially if you are adventurous and appreciate hiking for beautiful views!



Have you been to Sintra? What was your favorite part?


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