1. Use Skyscanner for Flight Deals

Skyscanner is a sweet tool to use for scanning the web for flight deals. It basically searches across all cheap fare websites, airline websites, google flights etc to find the lowest fares and even arrange flights across carriers in order to maximize savings! We’ve found some amazing deals using skyscanner. Also love that you can set flight alerts from here to get notified when a flight you’re eyeing has dropped or increased in price.

2. Use Momondo for Flight Deals

Another fantastic tool to use for finding cheap flights. This one is pretty similar to Skyscanner in terms of features, but sometimes does find different deals that aren’t on skyscanner. I like to check both when shopping for flights.

3. Stay in Hostels

And no, I don’t mean bunk in a room with 15 strangers (although there is no shame in that if you’re game! Great way to save money, I’m just a privacy snob). However, if you don’t mind, this is a GREAT way to save a ton on lodging. All about your comfort level!

My real suggestion here was pointing towards the private rooms offered in many hostels. This is one of my favorite budget-friendly lodging options.

A lot of hostels (but not all) offer said private rooms that are nice and affordable. They’re usually much cheaper than hotels in the area, and can be just as nice! You could even opt for having a private room but a shared bathroom, I’ve chosen that option before and thought it was great! Shout out Portugal Ways Culture Guest House! 

4. Travel With a Few Friends & Share Costs

This is a great option if you have friends who are down! Traveling in a group of 4 is great, it enables you to choose AirBnb’s or hotels that are awesome, but are costing you 1/4th of the price! Splitting boarding costs is great! Yay for good friends 🙂

5. Go During the “Off-Season”

This will vary depending on which country you are visiting… but a pretty fair rule of thumb is, don’t travel in July. Not always the case but most-definitely if you’re thinking about Europe. (it’s going to be SO much more expensive) Summer time in the states is usually a popular time to travel so plan accordingly!

6. Travel Off the Beaten Path

Not to be cliche but… if you go off the beaten path it’s most likely going to be less impacted by tourists, therefore less price surging and less crowds!

7. Shop at the Local Market & Make Your Own Meals

If you have access to cooking equipment where you are lodging, this option is a great way to save some money! Plus going to the local markets is one of the best ways to experience the culture of where you’re visiting. I’m a huge fan of checking out the local markets, its fun and usually full of great finds!

This is a good tip for saving money BEFORE you go too. How many of us waste money eating take-out? Cooking at home really is a great way to save money across the board.

8. Do the Free Walking Tours

This is a great way to see the city and decide which attractions you want to budget for. Do it early on in your trip so you get a good idea of how to spend your time!

9. Subscribe to Scott’s Cheap Flights

This is another GREAT website to subscribe to for constant heads-up messages on flight deals. They’ll send you emails when cheap flight deals come up, or prices have dropped.

They have a free option which is great and will send you flight drops based on your preferred locations, OR you can sign up for their premium membership (I signed up for $49 per year) and get access to more “premium” features like:

  • Special Premium-only deals
  • Mistake fares and rare deals
  • Peak season & holiday flights

It’s worth it if you like planning trips on a whim and even heading somewhere on a last minute deal! I tend to be more of a plan-ahead-er (see below) BUT sometimes flight deals come up for trips that are months in advance which makes it even easier to go on a budget-friendly trip!

10. Plan in Advance

Anyone who knows me, knows I’m a planner. Doesn’t mean I don’t make room for spontaneity (trust me, I do) but when it comes to locations, accommodations and flights/ transportation… I like that to be planned as soon as possible and as thoroughly as possible. This is a huge way to save money! Last minute flights/accommodations can be pretty pricey (not to mention stressful). So when you can, plan ahead.


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